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Bible Study Sets

Moments that Matter: Six Journeys Every Christian Should Make
These sets, containing five Bible studies in each set, are designed to help you systematically discover Biblical principles for tackling six journeys every Christian should make. (We also offer single-topic studies, too: For single-topic studies, click here.) These six journeys include:

--Shifting from driven ambition (the destructive force of a focus on self) to a healthy work ethic (the ability to focus and serve something and Someone more important than ourselves).

--Shifting from moral relativity (the myth that everything's okay and truth is relative) to steadfast character (truth matters and absolute truth exists).

--Shifting from secular pluralism (the myth that all religions lead to heaven) to principled persuasion (declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ) in ways that are appropriate, professional and sensitive.

--Shifting from indulgent lifestyles (the waste of living selfishly) to purposeful living (making a difference while making a living).

--Shifting from movers and shakers (the fruitless desire to serve self & to be important) to culture shapers (the desire to serve others in ways that matter to them and to the culture).
--Shifting from self-aborbed careers (short-term glory) to Christ-centered calling (long-term impact). 
 While targeting specific workplace issues, these studies are also teaching you--in the language of the workplace--many of the fundamental principles of systematic theology (like the attributes of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, justification by faith, union with Christ, and other key aspects of personal faith).


Moments that Matter: Six Journeys Every Christian Should Make
                                                                   Set 1        Set 2         Set 3        Set 4        Set 5       Set 6
     Pastors in particular will find these studies a helpful tool because of their ability to do double-duty, infusing Biblical truths in a systematic fashion while dealing with issues and questions that matter to the lives of the members of their congregation every day.

     Designed for both individual study and group discussion, we believe these studies work best when completed individually, and then discussed in group settings. They should be viewed as a progressive journey of learning. In other words, new believers will find these studies most helpful if they are completed in order, providing a road map of faith that takes a working Christian from the fundamental question: "Why do I exist?" ; and carries them through the Bible to the place where their everyday lives declare that Christ is Lord of the Marketplace.

Each study begins with a workplace anecdote that asks the user to consider how Scripture might address the circumstance. The anecdote is followed by questions and text that lead the user through a discovery process designed to effect one step in a process towards the intended change.

      If you're looking for a primer on when to talk about God at work, how to do so, and what to say, we suggest this book, which is not yet available for electronic download.





     We have a limited supply of these books available for $15, which describe to workers ways to appropriately discuss their faith in the context of their workplace settings. To order, follow the "donate" link below the electronic Bible studies below. Chapter headings include:

Why Bother?

Do I Have to Talk?

The Gentle Art of Persuasion

Learning the Importance of Silence

What Must Be Understood, What Must Be Said

Ready to Give An Answer

...Not Forgetting to Pray

Responsible Workers

Come, Let Us Reason Together

What If They Say "Yes!"


including the companion studies:

Following Phillip, Going Where We're Led

No Longer "Not Yet"

Breaking Down the Walls Gently

When We Shouldn't Speak

Knowing What to Say

Showing Ourselves Approved

The Preparation of Prayer

Responsible Workplace Evangelism

Scripture is Truth

Steps of Discipleship

     If you find these studies useful, please consider making a donation to Desired Haven Ministries. We have hundreds of additional studies waiting to be converted from outlines to online Bible study, and your contributions will enable us to make even more Biblical truth available for workers in today's culture.

     Got questions about the studies? Email the author at Randy@madetomatter.org.

     Our thanks to Derk Smid at DFS Creative Services (dfsmid@comcast.net) for the design and formatting of the studies.
































































































































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