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C5-Study Set: Towards a Healthy Work Ethic - Click To Enlarge
5-Study Set: Towards a Healthy Work Ethic
Randy Kilgore/Madetomatter.com - (SKU#: NM43022)

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This is a five-study set designed to help workers make the shift from driven ambition (a focus on self) to a healthy work ethic (the ability to focus on something bigger than ourselves). These sets, containing five Bible studies in each set, are designed to help you systematically discover Biblical principles for tackling one of at least six journeys every Christian should make in their lives.
Why We Matter
The Reason We Exist
The answer is easy. Keeping that answer in the center of our consciousness isn't. We were created to be in relationship with God. To fellowship with Him, engage in prayerful conversation, and get to know Him. Contrary to what we're often taught, we were not created to do things for God; we were created to commune with Him. Once we know Him, then we not only know what He wants done, but how He wants it done.
Keeping Our Focus
No Distractions
In the first lesson of this series we learned the reason we exist is to be in relationship with God. Our value rests in that relationship and not in what we do. However, once we understand that, the next thing we must learn is that God expects us to be busy doing His work. And that includes tending His creation in the jobs we do. In fact, the Creation account in Genesis teaches us that as human beings God assigns us to care for the world (see Genesis 1:26-31; 2:15; 2:19-20). 
Living in the Black
In Lesson One of this series we learned the reason we exist is to be in relationship with God. What effect can the temptation of our ever-increasing perks have on this relationship? In Lesson Two we learned we must guard ourselves carefully to avoid being distracted from the central mission in each particular season of our life. Here in this third lesson, we learn some of the temptations and pitfalls that face Christians as we learn to turn human ambition into Kingdom service, and discover why contentment is a key to service.
Stewards of Two Economies
Christians are required to live life aware of two realities: (1) the tangible world where they live and work, which God created; and (2) the spiritual world with its eternal perspective, which God also created. We are not permitted to retreat permanently from one to meditate on the other; nor are we allowed to compromise the principles of the eternal in order to prosper in the tangible. In the face of cultural norms that challenge our spiritual principles, we must find ways to adhere to those principles. And, while doing so, we must also serve diligently, competently, and admirably in the workplace and the society at large.
Leisure & Rest
Rediscovering Leisure
In a world where the pace is constantly quickening, what role do leisure and Sabbath play for workplace followers of Christ?

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