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CFinding Balance in a Demanding Workplace - Click To Enlarge
Finding Balance in a Demanding Workplace - Click To Enlarge
Finding Balance in a Demanding Workplace
Randy Kilgore - (SKU#: NM42142)


In almost every survey of every workforce in every generation since the Industrial Revolution, workers have listed "balance" as an issue in their lives. Does the Bible speak to such a timely issue? YES! In fact, Scripture has never been more relevant, helping Christians sort through the many demands on their time. In a demanding job? Wish you were able to choose family more than you do when there are conflicts? Find out how right here.
Advances in technology were supposed to make things easier. With our devices enabling us to do things quicker, we should have more time to do the things that matter. It didn't work that way.With the time-saving devices came demands to do more. Child care options were supposed to make balancing life and work easier. Not so. It still drives a stake in your heart every time your child pleads with you to stay home. Flexible schedules were supposed to be another big help. Though nice, we found ourselves filling both worlds°™home and work°™with more activity, and balanced lives continued to elude us.Working out of the home should help, too, we thought, but it didn't. Not really. So, despite our best efforts, we still find balancing the demands placed on us as one of the hardest things we do.

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