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CTalking About God in the 21st Century Markpetplace - Click To Enlarge
Talking About God in the 21st Century Markpetplace
Randy Kilgore Desired Haven Ministries, Inc. - (SKU#: NM42536)


Randy Kilgore, author of MADE TO MATTER: DEVOTIONS FOR WORKING CHRISTIANS demonstrates the need for Christianity's voice in today's workplace. "TALKING ABOUT GOD..." squares off with the myth that faith is a personal matter without a place in a pluralistic marketplace. This compelling, in-depth study explores not only the urgency for sharing our hope in Jesus Christ, but also offers concrete tools to give any workplace Christian the confidence to share that hope at work. Chapter headings include:

Why Bother?

Do I Have to Talk?

The Gentle Art of Persuasion

Learning the Importance of Silence

What Must Be Understood, What Must Be Said

Ready to Give An Answer

...Not Forgetting to Pray

Responsible Workers

Come, Let Us Reason Together

What If They Say "Yes!"

        including the companion studies for each chapter:

Following Phillip, Going Where We're Led

No Longer "Not Yet"

Breaking Down the Walls Gently

When We Shouldn't Speak

Knowing What to Say

Showing Ourselves Approved

The Preparation of Prayer

Responsible Workplace Evangelism

Scripture is Truth

Steps of Discipleship

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