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About Us

     Welcome to Madetomatter.org!  Our mission is to introduce people to the great love of God by translating His truths and His Word into the language of the layperson.  We do this by:

(1) using real world examples ("How do I deal with a difficult boss?") and real-life questions (Why does God allow suffering to continue?) to teach people working in and out of the home that the Bible is a practical and understandable guide to all aspects of life. 

(2) teaching Christians why what they do every day is important to the Kingdom of God, and

(3) teaching them how to exhibit graceful, grace-filled lives in a spiritually diverse culture, workplace and community, and

(4) teaching them to be confident in their own ability to understand what the Bible says to them about the issues they face every day. 
     Madetomatter.org is a website ministry for Desired Haven Ministries, Inc., which takes its name from a passage of Scripture (Psalm 107), where we read of four episodes where God makes himself known in the storms of life.  Our ministry's statement of faith can be found here. 

Our Team

     Randy Kilgore is our Senior Writer and Workplace Chaplain. A workplace chaplain for more than a decade now, Randy received his M.Div. in 2000, from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (including two years of study at Covenant Theological Seminary) after a twenty-plus year career in business, most of which was spent in senior human resource management positions. Randy returned to seminary to equip himself to (a) write to pastors, in the language of faith, about the stresses workers face in the 21st century; and (b) to write to workers, in the language of the workplace. During his pre-chaplaincy career, he served under three Vermont Governors on state education commissions. Randy was also part of a coalition of human resource managers honored for their work on worker/childcare issues; and was part of a team receiving one of the federal government's first-ever series of workplace literacy grants. He co-founded the Greater Rutland (VT) Area Personnel Executives, co-founded the Rutland (VT) Dependent Care Collaborative, and along with his wife and three other couples founded the Rutland (VT) Area Christian Schools. As a writer and chaplain, Randy has released six volumes of workplace Bible studies (Thirty Moments Christians Face in the Workplace), and two books: Made to Matter: Devotions for Working Christians (Discovery House Publishers: 2008); and Talking About God in the 21st Century Workplace.  He also contributes devotions to Our Daily Bread, one of the esteemed publications of RBC Ministries. Randy's writing also appears regularly in magazines and online.  Randy also serves on the Executive and Steering Committees for the Theology of Work Project, Inc., an international organization co-chaired by Dr. Haddon Robinson, Mr. Thomas Phillips and Mr. Andrew G. Mills. 

     Cheryl Kilgore is President of Desired Haven Ministries, and as such is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the ministry. Also experienced in business (marketing and administration), Cheryl began her career as a public school teacher. Before her work at DHM, Cheryl served as Children's Ministry Coordinator for a church in Massachusetts. Cheryl was the driving force behind the idea of a Christian school in central Vermont, and she and Randy joined three other couples to found Rutland (VT) Area Christian Schools, now a thriving part of that city's education alternatives for nearly fifteen years. Cheryl also serves as the Project Manager for the Theology of Work Project, a multi-national effort to develop a database of work/faith principles and to make workplace theology a vibrant part of the Body of Christ.
     Cheryl and Randy have two children: Kathryn, a fifth-grade teacher in an elementary school; and Ethan, a freshman Communication Arts Major at Gordon College.  The family worships together at Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA, and are active in Life Community Groups, where Cheryl is a leader of one group.

A list of the board members of Desired Haven Ministries, Inc. is available by request.
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